Racing pigeons have the ability to beat their wings up to ten times per second and the racing pigeon can maintain a heart rate of 600 beats per minute for up to 16-hours.

Fiber Optic Magnetic Field

Honey BeeMonarch ButterflyRacing Pigeon

This page is a result of a fiber optic cable being buried 175 feet away from my racing pigeon loft in 2014.
I think the electromagnetic radiation carried by the fiber optic cable is producing a magnetic field of at least 1130 ft. in circumference which inhibits the birds ability to navigate properly. Secondly, I think it is possible that on what appears to be a clear day for us may be like navigating in fog for them in some locations.

Most of my life I've had pigeons and in 1983 started racing homing pigeons. During this time period, I have had more than my share of success with the birds, primarily due to having good birds and good observation of their habits. My birds earned 4th AU National Champion Loft in 2011, and 13th AU National Champion Loft in 2013.

In 2013 the young birds flew over 5,500 miles and were very successful. The same birds, in 2014 after the fiber optic cable was installed would continually act as though something were wrong. As an example, on a 45 mile training toss, the birds made it home in approximately an hour, although one bird was still circling 45 minutes later. Originally I thought perhaps that bird was just in good shape. But, it continued to circle for an additional 8 hours. This same type of behavior was observed on several different occasions. In 2014 my racing pigeons, young and old birds, have disappeared without a trace, like what has been happening with honeybees. Honeybees, monarch butterflies and homing pigeons all have something in common, which is magnetite.

In 2011, over 19 million miles of fiber optic cables were installed throughout the United States.

Honey Bee Magnetite

Monarch Butterflies Magnetite

Homing Pigeon Magnetite

 They Say A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

The video clip below shows, for lack of a better term, a magnetic field produced by the fiber optic cable. You can clearly see that the light is being dramatically refracted by the fiber optic emissions. View Full Screen The pictures below the video appear to look grainy because of the refraction in the air. This is what you are looking for in the pictures. Best viewed on a computer monitor instead of a cell phone.

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Broadband Over Power Line Emissions!

Quite a few people who know me know that I have said for years to stay away from cell phone towers when training the birds. Below is a magnetic anomaly map of an area that I am quite familiar with. I have added the tower locations and some of the antennas located in this specific area. I think it is possible that when the radio waves (electromagnetic radiation) cross paths they are potentially creating a magnetic anomaly with a low-frequency sound wave.

Magnetic Anomaly Map

National Radio Quiet Zone

Burning Salt Water With Radio Waves

Earthsong Magnetic Field Radio Waves


Racing pigeons can beat their wings up to ten times per second also racing pigeons can maintain a heart rate of 600 beats per minute for up to 16-hours.

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