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McLofts 09 2371 Btick Hen  Super Crack Crusson

We sent two from 2371’s sire to the 2010 Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race   This is how much we like ‘Super Duper’!  This pairs children breed long distance winners old birds and tough day young bird winners.

SIRE: Belg 01 3228828 Blue Cock "Super Duper"
Grandsire to winners! Awesome pigeon!

GRANDSIRE:  Belg 92 1786015 "De Belofte"
This champion breeder of a long line of winners is a direct son of "The Super Pau" 2 times Ace Long distance pigeon, two time car winner, 2nd. Nat. 6th. International Pau, 4800 birds.  19th. National St. Vincent, 21,464.  "The Super Pau" is a direct son of "Jonge Freddy". 

GRANDDAM: Belg 90 1335510
Direct daughter to "The Super Pau" when mated to the "Super Breeder" of Hendricks of Meyberg.

DAM: Belg 01 3228985 Blue "Super Dome"
Grand dam to winners!  A super hen!

GRANDSIRE:  Belg 91 3290721 "The Prins"
The worlds greatest producing "Super Crack Crusson"  "The Prins" bred 1st. International Pau 1994, 1st. National Pau, 2nd. National Pau 98, 11th. Internat. Pau.  The Prins is an inbred son of the "Jonge Super Crack", sire to multiple champion racers, National winners and champion breeders. 

GRANDDAM:  Belg 99 3237199 "Hilde"
Direct daughter to "The Prins" when "The Prins" was mated to his half sister out of the great "Samantha Fox".  Samantha Fox flew four 600 mile races in 21 days as a late bred yearling scoring at the top each race and winning for years to come.  She has a legacy of champions down from her. 


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